Communication and dissemination of the project and its results

(Action 12)

The project will approach communication and dissemination through the settlement of three levels of strategy:

(I) “Project activities and results” communication strategy, including the standard communication and dissemination channels (project website, thematic conference events, information material to be distributed during events);

(II) “Awareness raising & Consensus Building” communication strategy, laying mainly on the organization of local and international initiatives aimed to attract the interest of a large audience of actors and stakeholders in the project themes and activities;

(III) “Model Transfer” strategy, aims to realise an real transfer of the knowledge produced by the project to other key actors and local/regional institutions;

The activity will be implemented under the responsibility of Legambiente, but with the collaboration of partners and under the supervision of Steering Committee and Technical Scientific Committee;

All the dissemination activities will take in account all the EU rules applicable and, specifically Art. 13 of LIFE+ Common Provisions.