Network project in Europe

(Action 6)

Analysis of OILPRODIESEL Project structure, content and results

Action 6.1


Oilprodiesel is a LIFE+ project developed in Portugal, in Oeiras Municipality, about transforming WCO in biodiesel for transportation. RECOIL presents some new components compared to OIL PRODIESEL such as:


In OILPRODIESEL specifically designed containers are located all over the municipal territory. In RECOIL the collection is carried out weekly and door to door using low emissions vehicles; an appropriate tool will be distributed to families and commercial activities to facilitate the WCO collection.

The door to door network has been chosen to encourage citizens to start a new separate collection of waste and RECOIL doesn’t foresee a specific container to ensure the possibility to replicate of the system.


In OILPRODIESEL the monitoring unit within the containers transmits data to the Control Centre, where they are displayed together with the location of the relevant containers on a digital map.

In RECOIL the entire network is managed and monitored by a software. This way the system will not only collect an indicator of the oil quantity in the container but also trace the quantity and quality of collected oil. The software develops a decision support system through analysis of data derived from the chain traceability. It provides an access to the web: after registration all citizens can send data on their consumption of oils and report system problems. Unlike OILPRODIESEL, RECOIL includes the differentiation of types of oil, placed in containers according to different composition clusters in order to obtain a good starting point for the purification.


In OILPRODIESEL WCO is converted into biodiesel through a thermochemical process. In RECOIL the collected oil is purified through a simple mechanical treatment; this leads to a simplification of purification process and to a minor use of energy to obtain a reusable product (fuel).


In OILPRODIESEL the final product (biodiesel B20: 20% biodiesel from WCO and 80% diesel) is used as a fuel for the vehicle fleet of the municipality of Oeiras. In RECOIL the final product (purified oil) is used as fuel in a cogeneration plant to produce electricity and heat (1 MWe).

Despite the differences, there are similar issues involved and the structure and results of OILPRODIESEL will be studied in order to have deep knowledge in management of WCO collection and to compare the Italian situation with the Portuguese.

Visits to Oeiras Municipality

Action 6.2

Two study visits to Oeiras will be organized by the TSC. The first one in order to fully understand how the collecting system has been organised and to view the main features of the prototypal containers; the second visit will be done at the end of the project to present RECOIL’s results and to plan a common strategy to carry on with studies and project on WCO management and reuse.