Collecting system planning

(Action 7)

RECOIL has as it’s main target to design and implement an efficient door to door WCO collecting system for all categories of end users, especially domestic ones. The reason for this is related to the fact that large oil users produce higher quantities of WCO and they are easier to control than domestic users that usually throw down the drain the used cooking oil.

Considering that about 57% of WCO comes from domestic users, the implementation of an efficient collecting system is very urgent.

In Italy there are already several towns that have their own WCO recycling methods, and some of them work with the door to door concept.

In the two areas where the pilot project will be implemented there aren’t any examples of this kind of practice, so it would be important to establish this service on the territory in order to reduce as much as possible the environmental damage done by the WCO and to have the possibility to recover sufficient fuel to run cogeneration systems.