Technical Scientific Committee

TSC is a variable expertise group: depending on the specific issue in agenda, each partner identifies its best expert(s) in the particular field to be processed at a certain moment of project’s life, able to manage specific technical aspects of different project’ phases. TSC will be coordinated by “Technical Directors” expressed by Associated Beneficiaries. Main tasks of TSC are to take part actively to project activities for production of outputs and guide the management of specific activities from contents point of view.

The experts can be internal or external of beneficiaries organisations. In any case experts are selected and charged of specific tasks/commitments respecting the EU and national legal framework, as well as LIFE+ Common Provisions.


  • AzzeroCO2, Project Coordinator: Serena Drigo
  • Kyoto Club, Technical Director Associate 2: Piero Pellizzaro
  • Legambiente, Technical Director Associate 3: Stefano Ciafani
  • CID Software, Technical Director Associate 4: Gabriele De Vito
  • C.O.N.O.E., Technical Director Associate 5: Roberto Restani