CID Software Studio S.p.a.

C.I.D. Software Studio is an Italian IT consulting company, founded in 1984, providing services and products to Public Administration (PA) bodies and private companies, mainly related to the areas of Enviroment, Healthcare and eGovernment.

National, regional and provincial institutions as the Protezione Civile, several Regional and Municipal Governments, and the ARPA's, the ISPRA's and the ASL's direction offices, are the most notable amongst its partners and clients.

To the aim of providing its clients with the best products and services on the market and producing innovative and effective software solutions, C.I.D. has continuously enriched its staff with qualified and long experienced people, both in the traditional IT fields (enrolling qualified programmers, analysts, systems and computer engineers) and in the thematic fields of healthcare and environmental sciences.

Thanks to its experienced and qualified staff, C.I.D. designed and developed several complex informative systems, the most notable of which aimed at monitoring and managing different environmental issues (e.g., related to atmosphere and hydrosphere, garbage disposal and recycling, biodiversity), and complying to the most important national and international standards (SINANet, SEIS, CNIPA).