Kyoto Club

The Kyoto Club is an Italian non-profit organisation founded in 1999. Its members are business companies,
local authorities, universities and environmental associations committed to reaching the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set by the Kyoto Protocol and the EU climate change goals.
The Kyoto Club promotes awareness-raising and information activities, training on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, agriculture and forestry, ef? cient waste management and sustainable mobility.
Towards public decision-makers the Kyoto Club advocates and lobbies for climate-friendly policies.
The Kyoto Club is represented in the ECEEE - European Council for an Energy Ef?cient Economy – and in the EUASE - European Alliance to Save Energy –
The Kyoto Club Service is partner of the MED project ZEROCO2 that deal with Covenant of Mayors and PPP – Public Private Partnership.
ZeroCO2 - This three-year project (2010-2012) aims to develop and implement a partnership model among local authorities, energy agencies and private partners (ESCo - Energy Service Companies) for the creation of a Sustainable Energy Action Plan with zero emissions at zero cost for small European communities. Part of the MED Programme, the project is co-funded by the European Commission.